Superhero Awards

Superhero Awards are American Children’s Campaign’s most prestigious honor for celebrating systemic and transformative changes benefiting children, as well as the individuals who envisioned or championed them. The awards are not given annually, but only when transformative change happens. Most recipients of the awards have been private citizens and advocates.

Superhero Award Recipients

  1. Tom Olk – Juvenile Justice Visionary Leader Award for envisioning alternatives to arresting juveniles for youthful misbehavior (civil citations)
  2. Dr Steve Freedman – Child Health Visionary Leader Award for changing the way health care is designed, financed and delivered for children throughout Florida and the nation, including CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program and Florida Heathy Kids.)
  3. Allegany Franciscan Ministries – Philanthropic Superhero Award for their funding support for advocacy and also for providing seed funding to support the founding of American Children’s Campaign
  4. Carol Marbin Miller, Miami Herald reporter – Children’s Issues Reporting Award for her many investigative news series, including Innocents Lost and Fight Club, which have resulted in several child welfare and juvenile justice reforms
  5. Lawanda Ravoira – Advocacy Superhero Award for her leadership around gender disparities, lack of gender responsive services, and equity for girls
  6. Evett L. Simmons and Martha Barnett – Systemic Reform Superhero Award for spearheading the release of a groundbreaking report called Justice by Gender: The Lack of Appropriate Prevention, Diversion, and Treatment Alternatives for Girls in the Juvenile Justice System  
  7. Judge Cindy Lederman – Unsung Hero Award for conceiving new initiatives and collaborated with others to make healing along with justice the goal of Dependency and Delinquency Courts.
  8. Jack Levine – Lifetime Achievement Award for promoting a number of innovations and improvements benefitting children and pulling back the curtain on the institutional abuse that led to class action settlements and stronger protections.
  9. Alyssa Beck – Young Leader Superhero Award for sharing her survivor story of brutal human trafficking to raise awareness and engage others in anti-trafficking movement.
  10. Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nunez and Senator Lizbeth Benaquisto – Superhero Protector of Children Award for the 2018 Florida Child Marriage Act, which bans most marriages for anyone under 17- Jeanette Nunez
  11. Attorney General Ashley Moody – Victim Advocate Superhero Award for her support of sex trafficked children-
  12. Pam Bondi – Victim Advocate Visionary Leader for transforming the lives of sex trafficked children
  13. Rep Bobby DuBose and Representative Rene Plasencia – Superhero Protector of Children Award for their work eliminating the use of seclusion and limiting restraints of children with disabilities
  14. Senator Keith Perry – Superhero Protector of Children Award for requiring the FDLE to expunge the nonjudicial arrest records of eligible minors who have successfully completed a diversion program for any offense except forcible felonies
  15. Representative David Smith– Superhero Protector of Children Award for hisr work in expanding juvenile expunction to include forcible felonies