Mourning the Passing of Nilda Pedrosa

American Children’s Campaign, along with our affiliate Voices for Florida, are saddened by the passing of Nilda Pedrosa. In addition to her many accomplishments achieved while Associate Deputy Attorney General and Chief of Staff at the Florida Office of Attorney General, and other high level appointments nationally, a lasting legacy will be the long sought transformation of sex trafficked children and young adults from criminals to victims in need of services.

“The Open Doors Outreach Network that exists today and continues to grow throughout Florida would not exist without Nilda’s passion and vision,” said Roy Miller, president of American Children’s Campaign.  “We worked on policy together, appropriations and the formation of advisory boards with enlightened leadership. Her passing is very difficult to accept and bear.”

American Children’s Campaign and Voices for Florida offer our deep-felt condolences to her husband, young children and their families, friends and colleagues. She was too bright and important a light to pass so young. It reminds us that while the focus in this country has been on the coronavirus pandemic, more research is needed to understand and beat cancer, which claims far too many lives.

Those of us who knew and worked closely with Nilda pledge to carry on her important work. We will not rest until victims of trafficking are provided the robust services needed to recover and live long, fruitful lives.

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Roy Miller, president, American Children’s Campaign 

Robyn Metcalf, statewide director of Open Doors Outreach Network, Voices for Florida